Thursday, May 28, 2009

Welcome to the Vermont Environmental & Land Use Law Blog

Shems Dunkiel Raubvogel & Saunders PLLC is pleased to announce the launch of the firm's newest blog - the Vermont Environmental & Land Use Law Blog.

Our firm launched its first blog - the Renewable Energy Law Blog - in 2004 as a resource for people in the field of renewable energy.

This new blog will serve as a similar resource focusing on developments in environmental and land use law in the state of Vermont (and beyond). There are a number of on-line resources that cover the field of environmental law at the national level, but few, if any, comprehensive on-line resources with a similar focus at the state level. We intend for this blog to fill that void, providing news and commentary on legal and policy issues relevant to Vermonters and people doing business in Vermont.

The attorneys at our firm have decades of experience handling environmental and land use issues for individuals, businesses, municipalities, and non-profits. Through this blog, we’ll provide our perspective on breaking news, proposed legislation, agency rules and regulations, relevant state and federal court cases, and other items of interest.

Specific topics covered will include:

  • Act 250 and state land use regulation;
  • municipal zoning regulation and local land use permits;
  • federal clean air act and state air pollution control regulation;
  • federal clean water act and state water pollution/stormwater regulation;
  • climate change, carbon emissions regulation, and carbon trading programs;
  • state and federal wetlands regulation;
  • superfund and brownfields re-development;
  • solid waste management and regulation of hazardous materials;
  • agricultural land use issues;
  • and other general environmental issues.

We hope you enjoy this new informational resource. If you have any questions or comments about this blog, or any recommendations for posts or links, please let us know.

As with other legal blogs, the material provided through this website is for general information only. It is not legal advice. If you have a specific legal issue you should consult an attorney licensed to practice law in your jurisdiction. Please be sure to review our disclaimer concerning use of this and other SDRS websites.