Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vermont Grocery Store Agrees to $215,000 Fine for Hazardous Waste Management Violations

The Brattleboro Reformer reports that a New Hampshire-based grocery store chain has agreed to pay the State of Vermont a $215,000 fine to resolve hazardous waste management violations at one of its stores in Vermont.

The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources discovered 39 violations of state hazardous waste management laws at a C&S Wholesale Grocers store in Brattleboro, Vermont. According to the Reformer article, the violations included failure to properly store and label hazardous wastes. The company also did not have waste management contingency plans, or a waste management training program for personnel, and the trailers storing the waste lacked necessary spill and fire control equipment.

C&S acknowledged the violations as part of its settlement agreement with the State. Following the settlement, the State applauded the company for its clean up efforts and noted that testing around the site did not reveal any soil or water contamination.