Monday, April 12, 2010

Vermont Environmental News, April 12, 2010

Food summit draws hundreds - WCAX.COM:
Hundreds of people gathered in Rutland Saturday for a state-wide food summit. For most, it was a chance to brainstorm ways to make farming more profitable and sustainable. That plan will be submitted to lawmakers for review in January.
States move to let firms pursue social mission -
Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield wish a bill making its way through the Vermont Legislature had been law decades ago.

If they'd been allowed to set up Ben & Jerry's Homemade Inc. (the Vermont-based super premium ice cream maker) as a benefit corporation, they might not have had to sell out to the British-Dutch conglomerate Unilever 10 years ago this week.
Vt. project in hot water for solar panels -
A Brattleboro building project is in hot water with the federal government for solar hot water panels on the roof.

The Times Argus in Barre says the historic factory building was boarded up after several uses over the years. In the latest renovation, the Windham Housing Trust decided to put solar panels on the roof to reduce the cost of heating water for the building.
Town residents petition for zoning change revote: Rutland Herald Online:
A zoning change that voters passed by a four-vote margin on Town Meeting Day will soon be reconsidered after more than 300 people signed a petition calling for a revote, according to Manchester Town Clerk Linda Spence.
A whirlwind tour through Vermont world of noise pollution | The Burlington Free Press:
Let’s take a mid-afternoon walk on Church Street, with a sound-level meter in hand.

At the southeast corner of the College Street intersection, about 10 feet from the curb, the digital reading is in the low 60s when there’s no traffic. A pickup drives by: 73.8. The College Street shuttle: 84.6. The numbers represent decibels, a measure of sound volume. Out of context, they don’t mean much.

Here are some benchmarks. A really quiet room might produce a reading of 20-30 decibels; a rock concert, 110 or more.