Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vermont Environmental News, April 20, 2010

Engage: After 40 years of Earth Day, what has been accomplished? | The Burlington Free Press
George Plumb takes a look at the state of the environment in Vermont as we approach the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.
VPR News: Vernal Pools A Crucial Part Of Ecosystem
What may look to you like an uninviting underwater collection of tree stumps and leaf litter is actually the most romantic place in the world - if you're a mating wood frog or a salamander.

Vernal pools are crucial in the lifecycle of amphibians and invertebrates - and they're teeming with activity in the spring. VPR's Steve Zind recently spent some time at a vernal pool with Steve Faccio, a biologist with the Vermont Center for Eco Studies, to learn more about them.
Gov. Douglas signs Vermont e-recycling bill | The Burlington Free Press | Burlington, Vermont
Vermonters will have an easier time recycling their old, unwanted televisions, computers and printers with a law Gov. Jim Douglas signed Monday.
VPR News: Community Members Lose Trust In NRC
A delegation of experts from the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission was in Brattleboro yesterday/Monday.

They held an informational open house, and an evening forum on the recent leaks of radioactive material into groundwater at Vermont Yankee.
Capital mulls whether to fight $17,250 environmental fine: Times Argus Online
City officials in Montpelier are weighing whether to fight $17,250 in fines being levied by the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, or to simply pay up.

The fines are contained in a proposed settlement between the city and the state agency for two illegal wastewater discharges into the Winooski River from Montpelier's wastewater treatment facility, along with the city's failure to properly report the incidents.
Petitions Circulating Over F-35 Fighter Jets | WPTZ Plattsburgh
Residents of South Burlington have circulated petitions over new F-35 fighter jets that could soon call Vermont home. The residents, concerned about noise from the new jets, met with officials from the Vermont Air National Guard and the Air Force on Monday night.

CCTV also has a video of the recent National Guard media briefing on the F-35 proposal.