Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vermont Environmental News, April 8, 2010

VPR News: State Eyes New Federal Rules For Lead Paint
On April 22, new federal rules for lead paint removal go into effect. They're meant to strengthen current requirements for property owners, and make housing safer. However, they're an extra requirement for property owners and contractors in Vermont, because the state has decided not to merge the EPA rules into its state law. VPR's Jane Lindholm talks with with Vermont's Deputy Health commissioner, Dixie Henry, about why.
VPR News: NRC To Increase Oversight Of Vermont Yankee
Federal regulators will increase oversight of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant because of recent radiation leaks and misstatements by plant executives. VPR's John Dillon reports.
VPR News: 'Challenges For Change' Proposals Trim Budgets, Overhaul State Policy
John Dillon reports on the Douglas Administration's proposal to revise portions of the Vermont environmental permit process as part of the Challenges for Changes initiative.
Commentary Series: The Future of Energy: Wind Power
This week, VPR's commentators are weighing in on the future of energy. Plans for a new wind farm in Vermont - if constructed, the first since the one built in Searsburg in 1996 - have commentator Bill Jaspersohn wondering about the role of wind in Vermont's energy future.
Elmer: Douglas administration has lack of respect for legacy of Vermont's land use stewardship |
We inherited a legacy – a philosophy of stewardship of Vermont’s landscape which was laid out in statute by previous Legislatures and implemented by the administrations that have preceded that of Gov. Douglas.

The current administration’s disrespect for planning is demonstrated again by the last minute/ad hoc inclusion of the regional planning commission and municipal planning grant funding in the Unified Economic Development Budget proposal.
Vermont Utility Sees Solar PV Increase
Green Mountain Power, a Vermont utility company, reports that the number of customers using small-scale renewable-energy systems has more than doubled since 2008, with most of the increase coming from solar photovoltaic installations.
Lake Champlain 2010 Conference, Our Lake, Our Future.
The Lake Champlain Basin Program hosts a conference on the future of Lake Champlain, June 7-8 at the UVM Davis Center. For more, check out the agenda. You can register here.