Monday, May 24, 2010

Vermont Environmental News, May 24, 2010

Some interesting figures and statistics regarding the land cover of New England.

In February, the Agency of Agriculture launched a new program that looks to provide over-the-phone counseling to dairy farmers coming to grips with financial dilemmas, domestic issues or depression triggered by financial hardship.

The Farm First program, which saw 17 farmers call in the first two months, mostly seeking advice on financial issues, is a new outlet for farmers looking for immediate help. The toll-free line is manned by professional counselors and run by a nonprofit firm, called Invest Employee Assistance Program, that sells similar services to private companies and the public sector.
Strontium-90 found in soil at Yankee: Times Argus Online
Vermont Yankee officials revealed Friday that while cleaning up after a leak of radioactive tritium, they found another, more potent radioactive isotope in soil near where the leak occurred.

Strontium-90, a byproduct of nuclear fission that has been linked to cancer and leukemia, was confirmed at the Vernon nuclear plant in a report received by plant owners Monday.
$150M wind farm planned: Times Argus Online
Green Mountain Power officially unveiled its Kingdom Community Wind project Friday, a plan to build 21 turbines along three miles of ridgelines in the northern Vermont town of Lowell.

The utility submitted a 1,300-page proposal to the Vermont Public Service Board detailing its plan for the $150 million project, which the utility says will be able to power about 20,000 homes when it is up and running.
Green Mountain Daily:: Turn Water into Wine? How about Whiskey into Watts?
Beginning in 1999, the Vermont Public Service Department and the Vermont Agency of Agriculture started a joint venture to investigate the possible use of anaerobic digesters at Vermont's dairy farms thanks to Senator James Jeffords who secured the funding.