Monday, November 15, 2010

Vermont Environmental News, November 15, 2010

NY report predicts rising sea level | WCAX.COM
A new state environmental report predicts sea levels could rise more than four feet in some coastal areas of New York state over the next 70 years with dramatic implications for New York City, Long Island and the lower Hudson Valley.

The draft report from the Sea Level Rise Task Force notes New York Harbor's waters have risen 15 inches in 150 years. Harbor gauges show they rose four to six inches since 1960.

The warming climate that melts polar ice, rising seas and further coastal development are expected to make coasts more vulnerable to storms and flooding.
VPR News | Environmental Groups Plan Legislative Agenda
Environmental groups are claiming victory in the recent election and they're planning an ambitious agenda for the legislative session.

As VPR's John Dillon reports, the groups have high hopes for the incoming administration of Governor Elect Peter Shumlin.
Springfield Vermont News | North Springfield now site of Vermont's largest solar energy installation
A 200 kilowatt photovoltaic panel array large enough to cover 2 acres of land is now in place at IVEK Corporation. The project is a “grid-tied” system consisting of 936 ground-mounted photovoltaic panels arranged in 9 rows of l04 panels. The panels will be attached to two inverters that will transmit power to the Central Vermont Public Service Corporation distribution system.